Spring Into Something New!

If you’ve read previous posts here on Wine & Fit then you probably recall when we talked about mixing things up and keeping your workout routine interesting. Following our own advice, we’ve started an awesome 30 Days of yoga plan.


Now, yoga is definitely not my go to. I tried hot yoga with a friend years ago and was bored out of my mind! As I’ve been working to get wedding dress ready I realized that more often than not I’m hurrying out of the gym without stretching. Not good. Don’t do that.

This weekend I decided I was going to give this yoga thing another shot with the intention of forcing myself to get in a good solid stretch a couple time a week. Well I did a little research, read some motivational quotes, looked at pictures of people doing crazy bendy things with their body and thought ‘what am I about to get myself into?!’ In the midst of my research I came across the video below…

Well, Saturday morning I fired up YouTube and started with Day 1 of ‘30 Days of Yoga with Adriene.’ Not only was the routine very doable for my non-yoga self but is was also very relaxing and energizing at the same time. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it! When I was done I felt great and was ready to tackle my day. One of the things I really think helped me to love Adriene and the routine was that she encouraged you to wiggle around. My prior experience with yoga was more of a get your body here and hold still for ages deal. Adriene encourages you to move a little within a pose, see what feels good and notice how your body reacts to different things. It made me feel like I had the freedom to make yoga work for me and what I needed rather than just holding a pose that was not comfortable for me at this stage. Being able to do this in the comfort of my home, with a video of someone who clearly knows what she is doing and makes it enjoyable, has also been wonderful for me. I know there isn’t a soul watching me or judging my beginner skill level. I’m able to be comfortable, give it an honest try and see what my body can do.

Sunday morning I woke up and complete day 2, at the end I felt much the same and began thinking ‘wow! I wonder what I’ll be doing/feeling 30 days from now!’ Before bed last night I did some reading on mantras and the mental part, if you will, of yoga. I found some great inspiration and set my alarm for a little earlier than usual so I could get another yoga session first thing this morning.

In just 3 days my perspective on yoga has totally changed. I’m excited to stick with this 30 Days of yoga and see where it takes me physically and mentally. This week I am going to go find myself a pretty yoga mat so I can out away my blanket and continue on. I highly encourage everyone out there to give the program a try!