Don’t Fart in Spin Class!

We loved this article so much we just had to share! This echoes our thoughts, and the thoughts of many so well. Basic courtesy people, basic courtesy.

Bubbles and booyah


This morning, my 5:45 am spin class was treated to a barrage of offensive smelling flatulence for pretty much the full duration of class. It was so bad I pulled my sweaty Lulu tank over my nose, and stuffed my nose into my own armpit because I would rather smell my own sweat (hey, I put deodorant on!) than a fellow spinner’s gas while trying to sprint up a hill. It’s simply too early for that sh*t, and I’m kind of getting the internal gags just thinking about it. There is a restroom only 30 feet away – this person could have simply gotten up, gone to the rest room, tooted away and then come back and enjoyed the rest of the class without suffocating their fellow gym-goers (hey, I eat healthy and gas happens – just be a dear and leave the room when it does!). And okay, if…

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