A Trip To NYC …wine included

What makes great trip?
A new, exciting city
Good friends
A few glasses of wine
& lots of planned spontaneity

One of my favorite things is going new places and trying local places. Often times this mean the opportunity to try new wines that aren’t available in my area. This weekend I will hopefully have that opportunity!

On Saturday, I will be traveling to New York City with my fiance to meet some great friends. I have never spent more than a few hours in NYC so going for an entire weekend should be quite exciting. I am definitely not a city person, but I love to visit and see the hustle and bustle, tons of lights, new restaurants etc.

Corkbuzz Wine Studio - Chelsea Market
Corkbuzz Wine Studio – Chelsea Market

The itinerary for the weekend includes a trip to Chelsea Market, probably what I’m most excited to see, and research says there is a great wine bar there called Cork Buzz. We will also be stopping by lots of bars, the 9-11 memorial and seeing an off-broadway show. Can we say super excited?! As long as I can squeeze a hot dog from a street vendor in there once or twice, I’ll be a happy girl!

If anyone has recommendations of places to see or try please share! Especially if I can enjoy them with a glass of good wine! 😉


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