Knob Hall Winery – Clear Spring, MD

    Tucked away in beautiful Clear Spring, MD is the fabulous Knob Hall winery. It may seem a little out of the way for many but let me tell you, it is more than worth the detour!

Knob Hall Winery SignKnob Hall Wine Tanks

Now, I typically I like to know where exactly I’m driving, what to expect when I arrive and what kinds of wines I will be tasting before visiting a winery. I had done a little to no research on Knob Hall before my sister and I visited during our Maryland Wine Passport Experience. I’d heard of Knob Hall and seen some of their bottles in a local store but didn’t know much beyond that. In this case, I was blown away when I arrived thanks to my lack of research!

Knob hall is tucked back a winding road in the middle of western Maryland farm country. The winery itself is a farm and the tasting room is inside of the original 1860 barn. How cool is that?! It is a beautiful, cozy barn with plenty of space to sit and enjoy the wine food with your friends after your tasting at the rustic wood tasting bar. We couldn’t stop looking around and admiring the barn with it’s twinkling lights!

Knob Hall Barn - Inside

Knob Hall has a variety of animals on the farm, including peacocks! We didn’t see any of the animals, partly because it was a little chilly for us to leave the cozy barn, but what a cool thing to enjoy if you bring the kids along. There are a variety of festivals and tons of live music when the weather is nice. The girl who conducted our tasting (she was such a sweetheart! I can’t remember her name for the life of me though 😦 ) told us that during the warmer months they open the barn doors and people can enjoy the music from inside or outside. Definitely planning on coming back to check that out!

Knob Hall Cheese-Meat PlateOur tasting was absolutely wonderful. We were able to take our time, chat and just relax. Since we were visiting as part of the Passport Experience, we also got a giant plate of cheese, meat, crackers and jam. If I recall correctly, all the goodies on our plate were local.

Our tasting included and array of wines which were all great and clearly show that Knob Hall knows what they are doing. My favorite was their ‘Le Rêve Rouge’ which they describe as a “light bodied with soft tannins red blend wine. Flowery and fruity notes on the nose. Fruity raspberry flavors.’ This wine they serve cold, a twist on how most typically enjoy a red, and I found that it just works better that way. It is light and sweet without being too light or too sweet and sangria-like. Le Rêve Rouge is an extremely versatile wine that I can see myself enjoying alone or with a meal any time of year.

Knob Hall - Le Reve Rouge

My sister and I both enjoyed a glass of Le Rêve Rouge while we polished off our snack plate because we just couldn’t bring ourselves to leave the cozy atmosphere.

After finishing our glasses of wine we sauntered out, sad to leave the beautiful barn and good wine, but excited to hit our next stop. A trip up during the spring or summer for live music is definitely on my to-do list! I highly recommend getting out to Knob Hall for a tasting and relaxing afternoon! You can check out their upcoming events here.


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