Fitspo or Fitsporn – By: Fitness To Go

Today I wanted to share an article with you all from Fitness To Go. I came across this article somewhere on my facebook feed and was so incredibly excited to see it. Tera, author of the article, absolutely hits the nail on the head when it comes to my opinions about the apparent ‘inspiration’ many girls are seeing all over social media.

Are these half-naked women “working out” and posing for the camera really inspiration? No, I don’t think so, but I will let you decide for yourself. Check out Tera’s article below.

Excerpt: Fitspo or Fitsporn

ass collage

“When I see “fitspo” like this I think 3 things:
1. Pull that effing wedgie out of your ass
2. I would not want to sit on a bench after her
3. Are you kidding me? NO ONE works out dressed like that.

But that is what we are bombarded with on tumbler, pinterest, twitter, facebook, fitness mags….it’s everywhere. Almost naked chicks, oiled up, in a gym sporting major wedgies sporting all with the purpose of inspiring you to workout.


And then you have the instagramers!

PicMonkey Collage insta

They clutter up your feed with pics from the locker room in their bra and undies so they can show off their “gains”, post the standard booty shot on #MotivationalMonday, #TransformationTuesday, #WorkoutWednesday, #ThowbackThursday, #FlexFriday, and some other lame ass day they make up and throw a hashtag in front of it so they can show off their hooters and #bootygainsfordays.

What caused this phenomenon of women and men (and yes there are dudes who do this too) feeling they need to plaster the internet with photos of their 3/4 naked bodies all in the name of inspiring others to workout? When did photos like this become what people look to for motivations during their journey to become fit and healthy? And when did this become what fitness newbies aspire to become, another girl showing off their hard work in a gym locker bathroom to an internet full of perverts?…”

Read the remainder here and let us know what you think! We’d love to see and hear what you look to for inspiration.


4 thoughts on “Fitspo or Fitsporn – By: Fitness To Go

  1. I am so with you! I was looking for a fitness inspiration quote pic to put up on my blog post today, and 80% of what I found under the Google search “workout motivation quote women” was what you’ve discussed above. Just – no. I want to be strong, not half naked and posed like a porn star over the squat rack.


    1. Yes! Totally agree, it’s feels impossible to search for inspiration because of all the photos like these you have to filter through to find something that embraces strength and health not the half naked, unrealist poses.


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