Red Heifer Winery – Smithsburg, MD

This past weekend, my sister and I planned to hit an insane amount of wineries. For the second year in a row the Maryland Wine Organization is offering a deal called the ‘Wine Passport’ which features a number of Maryland’s wineries. For just $25 you can spend two weekends, last and next, visiting any of the participating wineries. Talk about a steal!

So on Saturday we planned to hit the Piedmont wine trail and stop by the venue for my upcoming wedding….and cue snow. Lots of snow.

Lucky for us, Sunday was beautiful, road were great and we explored the entire Antietam Heights wine trail! Our first stop of the day was at Red Heifer Winery in Smithsburg, MD.

Red Heifer Winery
At first we zoomed right past the entrance but after turning around we knew where to go. In order to get to the tasting room you must first drive up a gravel drive through an amazing old farm. The owners of the winery, Yvonne & Kevin Ford, live on top of the hill above the farm and the tasting room is the lower level of their home. Everything was snow covered but it was still a breathtaking view. I’d love to go back in the spring or fall and sit at their outside tables while taking in the scenery.

The tasting was great! They have been around for only a couple years but you would never know it from the taste of the wine. Yvonne & Kevin clearly know what they are doing, right down to their adorable labels and logo. Yvonne conducted our tasting, she was so sweet and a pleasure to talk to. She gave us tons of information about the wine, answered all my questions about the winery and we chatted about dogs, where we live, other wineries, Edna May (you’ll get that one after you visit!) and the list goes on. We certainly felt welcome and I’m certain that anyone who visits Red Heifer more than a time or two you would be remembered and treated like family. Heck, we felt like old friends and it was only our first time there!

My absolute favorite of their wines was the Blueberry. Typically I’m not a huge blueberry fan but this was such a natural blueberry flavor that wasn’t overpowering like I expected. They also had prepared, and kept warm, a mulled wine using the blueberry and a mix mulling of spices. Delicious, fabulous, wonderful, oh my goodness. While I’d love to describe the flavor to you, I just can’t. Trust me and get your butt out there and try it!

I bought a bottle of the blueberry along with a little packet of spices to make the mulled wine at home. Of course the weekend was so on track that I naturally forgot my camera. Oh well, just another reason to go back again!

This weekend we will be heading out to another Maryland Wine Trail. I’ll be recapping that and the rest of our Sunday Passport Adventure, including mead, cider, a small plate that smelled like mayo but tasted like pickles, Miss Ruby and more, in my coming posts!


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