Love-Hate – Workout of the Week

For me, and many people I know, the fitness is a love hate relationship. You love being fit, or the idea of it, but hate starting out and feeling like your goal is so far away. You hate getting up early to hit the gym before work but love that you have a free evening without missing a workout. You love looking at all the inspiration on ‘Transformation Tuesday’ but hate that you feel like your transformation photo is never going to be ‘social media ready’.

You get the point, for every thing fitness related there is two sides and conflicting feelings. I wish that my next sentence could be ‘well here’s how to love it all!’ but it’s not. It never will be. Loving and hating is part of the process. The hate and dread teach you to overcome, build your mental strength and when you overcome them, they allow you to see how amazing you really are. Don’t be fooled, the hate will never go away. There will forever be things you dislike but your perspective with change and your attitude towards those things will alter once you embrace the process.

Today I’d like to share with you a workout that I had quite the love-hate relationship with last night. I’m still participating in the weekly boot camp classes I wrote about here (They aren’t SO awful) and last night we did a killer workout. When our trainer, Taylor, told us what we were doing I was excited because I knew it would be challenging and a great workout. Then it started and I hated it. I just wanted it to be done but it seemed to drag on and on…five minutes after we’d finished and I was finishing up my stretches I felt great and thought ‘What a great workout. I love it.’ Are you seeing the Love-Hate yet?

The workout is outline below, give it a try. I promise you won’t regret it!


The Love-Hate Workout

You will need two dumbbells and one kettle bell to complete this workout.
Warm-up: 5-10 minutes jogging/elliptical/treadmill/bike

1 Burpee
Air Squats x 50
2 Burpees
Bicep curls x 20
3 Burpees
Kettlebell swings x 20

4 Burpees
Reverse/step-back lunges with weight x 20 (10 per side)

5 Burpees
Alternating push-up rows x 16 (8 per side)

6 Burpees

Squat and press x 15

7 Burpees
Jack-knife sit-ups x 15

8 Burpees
Left-Side Half Turkish Get-up x 10

9 Burpees
Right-Side Half Turkish Get-up x 10
10 Burpees

500 meter row followed by 1 mile bike
*If you are doing this with someone else, one person can row while the other bikes as fast as they can until the partner completes the 500 meters then switch.

Once you’ve completed the row/bike start at the bottom of the ladder and work all the way back to 1 burpee. Row/bike again to burnout and YOU’RE DONE!

Give it a go and come back to share what you loved and what you hated!


*I do not take credit for any of these photos. Most are from an awesome site called Skinny Mom. Check her out! The last one links to the article it is from.


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