Why ‘Wine & Fit’ You Ask?

You probably aren’t asking, but just in case…

I’m an idea person. On most days I’m creative and I bounce from one idea to another.

I’m a planner. Spontaneity is great, but a plan, nothing beats a well thought out plan.

Idea bouncing and planning have their perks and definitely make for an interesting world inside this head of mine. On the other hand, I bounce from idea one with plan A to idea 3 with plan C in a short span of time and before I know it I’m making plan L with idea 12. The ideas and plans I continually come back to, they always involve wine and/or fitness.

So there you are. Wine And Fit.

The plan for this blog is to share whatever ideas and thoughts related to my favorite things, wine and fitness, as they pass through this brain of mine. I won’t promise it will be witty or funny or even interesting. If you like what you see that’s great. If you hate what you see, have a nice day.

And so it begins…


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