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As you may have noticed, we haven’t been around. We’ve been quiet, there haven’t been posts and basically all the life was sucked right out of our site. Bummer, right?

Well we have good news!! While we’ve been quiet plans have been in the making, wine has been fermenting, fat has been melting, muscles building and so on a so forth. Coming this fall will be a new, active and FABULOUS Wine&Fit!

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Balls

Lately it has been so nice outside that the last thing I’ve wanted to do is stay inside to meal prep. Yesterday, instead of getting started on my prep, I took a few more minutes on the deck to enjoy the sunshine and browse for some new snack recipes.

My criteria for adding a new snack to my meal plan included the following:
• Quick and easy to prep
• Simple ingredient list
• Protein packed
• Delicious

Not rocket science right? After a drawn out Pinterest session, my stomach rumbled and I realized it was time to get to work in the kitchen. This week I am adding in Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Balls which I based off a recipe on bodybuilding.com.

So clearly I’m sharing this recipe, which means they turned out to be as delicious as expected. I will warn you though that they are a little messy to make and mine ended up looking significantly worse than they tasted! While they looked rough, they tasted good and even smacked my sweets craving right out the window, without compromising my macros.

Wine & Fit’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Balls

This photo is from bodybuilding.com ….mine didn’t turn out so pretty!

3/4 cup peanut butter
1/2 cup steel cut oats
3 scoops Advocare Muscle Gain Vanilla
1-2 tablespoons dark cocoa powder (add more or less based on your protein powder flavor – if you use chocolate protein you won’t need as much to get the rich chocolate flavor)
1 small handful of dark chocolate chips
1 tablespoon honey

1. Dump all your ingredients into a mix bowl and stir to combine.
2. Form 1-2 inch balls (You’ll get about 5 servings/10 balls from this recipe)
3. Place into the freezer for 30 min before enjoying – if you don’t plan on sampling your recipe you can just place them in the fridge overnight

These are great for a quick snack but be sure to keep them chilled until you’re ready to eat them!

Give it a go, put your own spin on it and have these ready to grab when the day gets crazy or you don’t want to be inside cooking. Come back and share what twist you tried!

You can find the original recipe here.

Wine Clubs: What’s deal?

If you’ve visited a winery lately, or paid any attention at all to the wine industry, you’ve heard of a wine club. There are more and more club options popping up in all areas as well as solely internet based options. So what’s the deal? Are they worth it? What do you get? Aren’t they expensive?

The answers to those questions are all based on preference. Each club is different, though they mostly follow the same idea, and offers something unique for members. Clubs run by the winery itself often include complimentary tastings for you when you visit, invitations to exclusive events and/or access to very limited production wines. With each payment/shipment, clubs offer anywhere from 2 bottles to a half case and sometimes even a full case, though the last option is much harder to find. The frequency of payments/shipments varies by club. Most commonly I’ve seen quarterly clubs but I also know of a number that are monthly or offer the option for you to choose how often you’d like to receive a shipment with options between quarterly, bi-monthly or monthly. Larger clubs and wineries often offer options like all whites, all reds or a combo of both while others simply decide what you’re getting each time based on what they feel is their best wine available at the time.

Currently, I belong to two very different clubs and love them both.

Boordy large logo in full color

One is through a local Maryland winery which I’ve grown extremely fond of. My fiancé gifted me the membership to Boordy’s Landmark Club for my birthday 2 years ago which originally sparked my interest in wine clubs. The club option I am signed up for includes 3 bottles every quarter. Boordy has three different lines of wine, the Landmark series, the icon series and the just-for-fun series. The Landmark is their ‘nicer’ or higher-end wines which are limited in production so they are the only ones you receive in your club packages. When signing up you can choose whether you will receive 3 or 6 bottles but do not have a red or white option as each package varies and can include any combination of white, red, rose or port. As a member of their Landmark club I am able to visit the winery and receive a complimentary Landmark Series tasting for myself and three friends as often as I like, discounts on wine purchases and the freedom to cancel whenever I want (like that will happen…). Each quarter Boordy hosts a pick-up event for the club which included tastings, small food options (think cheese, bread, soup), a food truck, live music and a unique special event. The special event has ranged from barrel tastings to vertical port tastings paired with chocolates to the chance to taste fresh squeezed chardonnay grapes before they are turned to wine followed by a sample of chardonnay. Each time I’ve learned something about the wine-making process and furthered my exploration of wine. If you cannot attend the event they will hold your wine and the winery or ship it to you.

The California Wine ClubThe other club I’m currently a member of is The California Wine Club which has been around for 25 years now. They have 5 club level options which allow you to explore a variety of wines from small family owned wineries in various locations around the globe. I joined the International Series club because I wanted to opportunity to try wines from around the world that I would not be able to find in any stores around the US. The California wine club allows you to select all white, all red or a mix as wells as shipment frequencies of monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly. One thing I love is that I can change my mind at any time, all I have to do is call and request that my shipping frequency or bottle preference be changed and they take care of it right away. When I need to be more budget conscious I get quarterly shipments, when I’ve got extra money in the budget I can switch to bi-monthly shipments. Now, don’t go calling all the time and be ‘that person’ constantly changing your mind but know that if you sign up for an option and realize it’s not what you wanted to expected, they will help get you into the right arrangement. Another thing I love about this club is the information they send along with your shipment. Since it is internet based and you don’t actually get to pick your wine up from the winery, each package includes a printed edition of ‘Uncorked’ which gives you all kinds of information about the winery, the family who owns and runs it, the history and details on what wine you’ve received including tasting notes and food pairings. I’ve only belonged to the International club for about a year and have consistently received wonderful wines from places like Germany, Austria and Australia. Uncorked came in very hand when the labels weren’t in English! If there is ever a bottle that you absolutely hate you can call to let them know and they will replace it for you, how awesome is that? Talk about a guaranteed way to ensure your money is well spent. As a member of any of their club levels, you have access to order any wines they distribute at a discounted rate, though occasionally very limited productions are limited to only members of the club to which the wine was sent. The prices are fabulous and they often run sales, promotions and free shipping options. The only down side is that when ordering bottles you must order a half case (note this is for individual orders NOT for wine club shipments). Overall this is a great club for exploring wines you may not otherwise get your hands on! They even reward you with $100 for referals, so if you think you’d like to join comment below (or email me) with your email and I’ll send you a link!

So that’s the deal. Do some exploring and see what clubs interest you. Check with local wineries, any wineries you visited during a trip and loved or even online! If you gravitate towards wine from a certain region, research wineries in that area and see if they have club options. The possibilities are endless and there is something out there for every wine lover in every price range, you just have to look!

Spring Into Something New!

If you’ve read previous posts here on Wine & Fit then you probably recall when we talked about mixing things up and keeping your workout routine interesting. Following our own advice, we’ve started an awesome 30 Days of yoga plan.


Now, yoga is definitely not my go to. I tried hot yoga with a friend years ago and was bored out of my mind! As I’ve been working to get wedding dress ready I realized that more often than not I’m hurrying out of the gym without stretching. Not good. Don’t do that.

This weekend I decided I was going to give this yoga thing another shot with the intention of forcing myself to get in a good solid stretch a couple time a week. Well I did a little research, read some motivational quotes, looked at pictures of people doing crazy bendy things with their body and thought ‘what am I about to get myself into?!’ In the midst of my research I came across the video below…

Well, Saturday morning I fired up YouTube and started with Day 1 of ‘30 Days of Yoga with Adriene.’ Not only was the routine very doable for my non-yoga self but is was also very relaxing and energizing at the same time. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it! When I was done I felt great and was ready to tackle my day. One of the things I really think helped me to love Adriene and the routine was that she encouraged you to wiggle around. My prior experience with yoga was more of a get your body here and hold still for ages deal. Adriene encourages you to move a little within a pose, see what feels good and notice how your body reacts to different things. It made me feel like I had the freedom to make yoga work for me and what I needed rather than just holding a pose that was not comfortable for me at this stage. Being able to do this in the comfort of my home, with a video of someone who clearly knows what she is doing and makes it enjoyable, has also been wonderful for me. I know there isn’t a soul watching me or judging my beginner skill level. I’m able to be comfortable, give it an honest try and see what my body can do.

Sunday morning I woke up and complete day 2, at the end I felt much the same and began thinking ‘wow! I wonder what I’ll be doing/feeling 30 days from now!’ Before bed last night I did some reading on mantras and the mental part, if you will, of yoga. I found some great inspiration and set my alarm for a little earlier than usual so I could get another yoga session first thing this morning.

In just 3 days my perspective on yoga has totally changed. I’m excited to stick with this 30 Days of yoga and see where it takes me physically and mentally. This week I am going to go find myself a pretty yoga mat so I can out away my blanket and continue on. I highly encourage everyone out there to give the program a try!

Don’t Fart in Spin Class!

We loved this article so much we just had to share! This echoes our thoughts, and the thoughts of many so well. Basic courtesy people, basic courtesy.

Bubbles and booyah


This morning, my 5:45 am spin class was treated to a barrage of offensive smelling flatulence for pretty much the full duration of class. It was so bad I pulled my sweaty Lulu tank over my nose, and stuffed my nose into my own armpit because I would rather smell my own sweat (hey, I put deodorant on!) than a fellow spinner’s gas while trying to sprint up a hill. It’s simply too early for that sh*t, and I’m kind of getting the internal gags just thinking about it. There is a restroom only 30 feet away – this person could have simply gotten up, gone to the rest room, tooted away and then come back and enjoyed the rest of the class without suffocating their fellow gym-goers (hey, I eat healthy and gas happens – just be a dear and leave the room when it does!). And okay, if…

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